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Why upskilling your diverse workforce is important in 2020

Industry, commerce and businesses around the world have English as their primary language for communication. In this very competitive and global environment it is vitally important that all staff, where English may not be their first language, have at least the foundations of being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and with customers.

That’s where WISE Weybridge can help you to add value to your business. We currently work with a number of businesses around the Surrey and Middlesex area delivering on-site, English language tuition.

British Council Accreditation

As a British Council accredited English language school, we work to the highest standards of best practice as laid down by the Council. Students who study English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at a British Council accredited school, can rest assured that the academic standard of teaching is consistent and to the highest quality. This accreditation is a UK quality assurance scheme for schools, colleges and universities who offer EFL education.

Bespoke English classes

With many years’ experience of working with local businesses of all sizes, we are adept at assessing the needs of your team. We are happy to visit your business premises and meet with your staff, where English may not be their first language. We would then conduct a 1:2:1 English language assessment, providing you with feedback and a bespoke plan of English tutoring, with the aim of assisting your staff to reach an agreed level of spoken and written English across your business.

Track record of working with local businesses

We are highly experienced in delivering tailored English language tutoring to a business environment. And to working with a diverse and cosmopolitan workforce.

We have expertise in delivering lessons at all levels to a vast array of nationalities from around the globe. So, we are able to recognise key areas for English language development based on ethnicity – lesson plans can then reflect this and focus on those key challenges encountered by different native speakers when learning English.

To find out more about how WISE could help you to improve the English language skills of your diverse workforce contact us to arrange a meeting.

Liz Denham: WISE Managing Director

6 Baker Street Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8AU

T: 01932 849 977 / 07737 0467790

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