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The British Council inspected  Weybridge International School of English in November 2018, and we received accreditation in April 2019. We are particularly proud of our Teaching - receiving mostly strengths in this area of the inspection report.

Award-winning School

Elmbridge Independent Retailer of the Year Award, 2020


WISE School of English and Tutoring: WINNERS of BEST SPECIALITY PRODUCT  




Some of the comments received by people who voted were:


“What an incredible team of teachers, management, and students. Such a friendly, welcoming school making students from all over the world feel welcomed and part of the community, and effectively improving their English. Also great tutoring for local school pupils, helping build their skills and confidence.”


“A wonderful team and a real part of the community for many years. Always volunteering to offer help and support.”


“Went the extra mile during the restrictions to ensure students were able to carry on learning. They managed to keep everyone engaged throughout, something many other retailers could learn from. Nothing is too much trouble for them....excellent !!!!!!”


“The language school is so well run, friendly and welcoming,  a wonderful asset to the community.”

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