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Helping a Student


Private ONE-TO-ONE Tutoring for Children and Adults

Tutoring can take place Online, or in your own home.  Most tutoring is currently ONLINE via preferred online platforms; Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams


If you are interested in private tutoring for your child, for yourself or for your business, WISE can help.

Tutoring for Children

  • English & Maths for Key Stages 1-5 

  • Tutoring in other subjects e.g. Science, Foreign Languages, Drama, Geography & History

  • Entrance exams / 11 +

A private tutor can help make the difference through encouragement, nurturing and inspiring pupils to learn.  Our tutors have a proven track record of helping learners significantly improve their grades and even our most reluctant learners find that they actually enjoy learning with a tutor.  Respect and a good rapport are key in making the partnership work.  Building confidence in a child’s ability and instilling self-belief in what they can achieve are key benefits of having the right private tutor.

WISE provides a highly personalised service by carefully matching the tutor to the student. 


WISE can assist your child by helping them catch up with work lost over the last year during the Pandemic. WISE tutors will work with teachers and schools to help bridge any gaps and continue to support the pupil and school by following the curriculum, if appropriate.


Private lessons can be organised from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


"Gabriella is absolutely loving her lessons with Fiona and seems to be learning such a lot. Fiona is fab!”      Alison (mum)



Fees start from £40 per hour.

These vary slightly depending on the level.

Tutoring for Adults

  • English as a Foreign Language

  • Foreign Languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German.


WISE tutors Adults of all nationalities and for all levels.


Your English learning can be:


For ‘everyday’ situations - going to the shops, doctors, the bank, speaking with parents and teachers at your child’s school, socialising and making friends etc.


For certain topics - speaking about Climate change & the environment, the weather, travel, the Royal family, money, shopping, TV and movies, music etc 


For Exam preparation - helping you prepare for the Cambridge Exams B1, B2, C1 & C2, IELTS exam for work or entry to university, Life in the UK etc

WISE has specialist tutors to help you focus on learning the content for the exam and exam techniques.


For fun and pleasure - helping you brush up on your English language skills and exploring and learning new words and phrases and reaching a higher level. 


Above all, WISE wants to give you confidence in your language ability in order to help you communicate better.  It doesn’t matter what level you are at the moment, we want to give you self-belief and improvement. We want you to make progress in your grammar, vocabulary and use of English.  And we want you to ENJOY your lessons with us.



Fees start from £40 per hour.

These vary slightly depending on the level.

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