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Student enjoys doing Voluntary Work at Oxfam

One of our Students, Pablo Fernandez, recently joined Oxfam in Weybridge as a volunteer. He found it a great way to meet people and practice his English!

He has written a little blog about his experience below.

If you go to the dictionary, you could find different types of explanation

One of the most useful is: Voluntary work is unpaid work, usually carried out in your own time. I do not agree with it, at all. It's true that is usually unpaid work, but you obtain most important things than money, like help other people, the opportunity to give back to the community all that you receive before, etc..

Wise help me to find the opportunity to start my voluntary work at Oxfam, and I'm very gratefully to Wise and Oxfam to have been this possibility.

I think is a very interesting chance to help others, get involved in society and improve your English.

Without doubt, is totally recommend. Thanks.

Best regards.


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