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WISE Travels in the Far East

STUDENTS and staff at WISE gathered to listen to a very informative and entertaining presentation given by Liz Denham, Managing Director of WISE following her travels to Hong Kong and Borneo.

Liz provided a unique backdrop to the splendour of Hong Kong, showcasing the density of the city, its frenetic pace and the panoramic views when seen from the very famous Victoria Peak, which is the highest hill on Hong Kong island with an elevation of 552m.

The presentation illustrated the mix of Hong Kong and Chinese culture, with the modern city skyline being intertwined with historic, ancient temples of exquisitely, detailed design. This mix is set amongst a backdrop of exotic and colourful Asian flora which provides a wonderful canopy to this vibrant and fast paced city.

Liz also discussed the current political turmoil taking place in Hong Kong, showing images of peace demonstrators which served to further highlighted the unrest within the City. It was a real learning to be able to experience this, as the images revealed the desperation of citizens fighting to retain their democratic rights.

The presentation then moved onto a very different environment within Asia, where we entered a very different world that is Borneo. The photos showcased the beauty and diversity of this relatively unknown country. We experienced first-hand the adventurous and intrepid monkeys who were determined to break into the villa where Liz and her family were staying! To the infamous Borneo Orangutans, who live within the rain forest region. It was amazing to see these shy animals and to learn about their habits and how they spend time within their natural habitat.

We travelled through the country with Liz, journeying along the river which was teeming with wildlife, including crocodiles and snakes, to the more peaceful beach areas, framed with palm trees and tranquil Buddhist temples.

After the entertaining Asian talk, we all sampled various delicacies from Hong Kong and Borneo including rice sake, which was very potent!

Written by Philippa Bassett, WISE

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