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WISE team up with Square AuPair to celebrate the first International Au Pair Day

International Au Pair Day is being celebrated on 24th November. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the “European agreement on au pair placements” by the Council of Europe in 1969. The International Au Pair Day is an initiative of The International Au Pair Association (IAPA), and was presented at the IAPA’s Annual General Meeting in Luxembourg in March 2019. The inaugural event is being celebrated around the globe.

To mark this occasion Weybridge International School of English (WISE) is joining forces with Square AuPair, an international Au Pair Agency based in Surrey. Established in 2017 by Kristyna Hawkett, originally from Czech Republic, who was herself an au pair, the Agency fully understands the challenges of re-locating countries and having to learn about a new culture and language.

British Council accredited, WISE, established in 2013, works closely with local au pair agencies, families and businesses across the Weybridge and Surrey area providing General English (all levels) and Cambridge exam English classes to a host of students, from many countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and Korea. WISE also provide Business English lessons to local multi-national organisations.

On Friday 22 November, WISE and Square AuPair are inviting local au pairs and host families, to join in the morning celebration of international cultural exchange which starts at 10am and is planned to finish around 12pm. Refreshments will be provided. Do drop in any time between 10am-12pm to meet other au pairs and take part in this international event at WISE, 6 Baker Street, Weybridge. Please let us know you are coming by emailing info@weybridge-english or calling 07737 046790

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