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WISE students assist leading manufacturer with cold remedy market research

Weybridge International School of English students have been assisting the market researcher team at a leading FMCG manufacturer in Surrey, specifically with new medicines to help with getting rid of the common cold.

The market researchers contacted the English language school based in Baker Street in Weybridge, specifically because they wanted to conduct market research on non-native UK citizens. In all five students attended the market research sessions set up by the market research team.

One of the WISE students, Illaria Cortese from Italy discussed her experience, saying; ‘It was a really strange experience for me, as I have never done anything like this before in Italy, so it was all new.’ Illaria visited the Weybridge site where she was asked to explain how she felt when she had a cold, and also how she felt when she took certain cold remedy medicines. Illaria explained that she was also shown pictures that weren’t connected with being cold or sick.

Illaria said that she found the experience to be both difficult and enjoyable! It was a bit difficult because I wouldn’t have known what to say, even in Italian! It was good to practise my English. It was a real challenge. Ilaria continued; ‘But it was a really good experience. In particular, because the people I met were very kind and smiley. So, I never felt uncomfortable or helpless. I am really glad that I got the chance to take part.’

Liz Denham, Managing Director of WISE said; ‘I’m really pleased that we have been able to help with the market research. Our students also enjoyed the experience. They even added to their English-speaking skills, whilst being part of the market research programme.’

We will have to wait to find out what these new cold remedy medicines are and the design and style of the packaging!

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