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WISE Reading Week – Inspiring the ‘bookworm’ in all of us

STUDENTS and teachers at WISE took part in the ‘WISE Reading Week’ selecting some of their favourite books and explaining why their chosen book had inspired them.

The aim of the week was to enthuse students to read in English, improve their grammar and vocabulary knowledge and to appreciate the works of English language writers, and the different writing styles.

During the week, a couple of local guest speakers were invited to come into WISE to meet English language students and share their ‘love of books’. One of the guests was Lizzie, the Manager of Weybridge Books. The students loved listening to what had inspired her to become an avid reader and the students were able to ask questions about the bookshop and which books are popular at the moment.

Students were also encouraged to visit Weybridge Library to explore the myriad of novels and poetry and experiment with different authors. Students were encouraged to visit the local charity shops which have a host of reading material available at highly discounted prices. A Friday ‘Literary meet up’ took place at the end of the week, where students and tutors exchanged books and views about the different reading material which ranged from novels, to short stories and magazines such as Hello and Vogue!

The Reading Week was a roaring success with students giving positive feedback about their learning and experience. Hazal from Turkey said; ‘What I like most about reading is it teaches new things, improves my imagination and makes me feel relaxed.’ Valeria from Spain went on to add; ‘The thing I like most about reading is the fact you can learn new words or expressions and also you can disconnect a bit.’

Students also commented that they like to read the news on the Internet to keep up to date with what’s going on around the world.

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