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Friday 22 November: International Au Pair Day with Square AuPair and Liz's Hong Kong and Borneo show

Marta Monge wrote:

Good morning Liz! About Friday I'd loved the atmosphere created during the two events.  At the Au pair event I had the possibility to talk with other people and not only with my classmates and I think it's great having a school who want to create new friendships! 

The second event about the experience in Hong Kong was totally amazing! I love travel and listening to things about this new place for me was fantastic!  I’ve never been to Hong Kong but now I would like to go, I was fascinated about the city but more for the nature, the sea and the monkeys (or maybe not!).  Thank you for sharing this experience with us, it was great!

Marta Monge in the middle of the photo with Ilaria and Isobel (our Italian students).

Sofia Loza Flores writes :

My experience on the international day of Au Pair in WISE SCHOOL. Like every year, my school brings together the au pairs of the area to commemorate that special day for us. I was very lucky to attend such an event and meet wonderful people. That day we were joined by two great ex-Au Pairs and shared what their experience was like. It was unbelievable. One of the guests guided me about my university studies and the magnificent opportunities that the government offers to anyone who is willing to overcome. That day I couldn't be happier because besides the commemoration of all the Au Pairs I attended a talk about Hong Kong! Thanks to this I was able to open up my personal perspective more and I am extremely grateful to my school and the people who make it possible to function in the most efficient way! Being Au Pair has taught me to thank and also taught me to say NO, it has not been more rewarding my experience but it comes to an end as well as my stay at WISE school. In a few years I hope to attend the center and commemorate that special day and tell my experience to inspire others who like me had so many doubts and fears at first. Brave experience!

Liz's Adventure : From Hong Kong to Borneo

The classroom at WISE was filled with students, tutors and others who were excited to hear about Liz’s trip to Asia. The tables were filled with sweets she had brought back from her trip and an oriental smell was in the air. Liz and her husband went to Asia to visit their daughter. For her birthday. It was a pleasure listening to her telling us about Hong Kong. We got to know about its history which is important to understand the ongoing protests we’ve heard about on the news. Liz and her family experienced peaceful protests first hand. From Hong Kong her travels went on to Borneo where she and her daughter came across a cheeky monkey while Liz was trying to interview her daughter. Thanks to the monkey, we got to see a video of Liz using numerous of very British curse words. This surprised us and made the whole room laugh. Besides monkeys, Liz came across Elephants and told us that all these exotic animals, she had encountered were, hunted and sold. When her presentation came to an end, Liz offered everyone to taste traditional wine. Liz took us on her adventure and fascinated us with her wonderful presentation.

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