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Student comments from Autumn 2020 Term

We asked our students 'What do you like most about the course and WISE?'

“I really like the teachers and the energy they’re giving to everyone. I would like more classes face-to-face but I understand about this situation so I’m really happy because every lesson I’m learning and I’m improving”.

“I really like the attention that the students receive and social events”

‘My teacher is really good. I feel confident. She prepares many different activities so the lesson is really interesting”

“I really love the staff, they are so kind and funny and I like how they are teaching me. I find it really useful”

“I truly like the commitment to teach at WISE. You can tell how much they do ‘behind the scene’. Thanks for that”


“The personalized attention that there is with the students”

“Very supportive teacher”

“Different and interesting topics”

“A friendly atmosphere welcomes you and if there’s anything you need, you can always get help”

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