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Positive feedback from WISE English language students

WISE English language students were given the opportunity to feedback about their experience of studying English during the Autumn 2019 term. And what a positive experience it was, with 90% of WISE students saying that they would recommend WISE English classes to their friends.

Of the end of term questionnaires received, 85% of WISE students said that they could see progress in their English, with 81% of them stating that they believed that they had enough English progress tests to be able to monitor their knowledge of grammar and English speaking skills.

The key areas of expertise mentioned within the evaluation was the standard of English language teaching. WISE is a British Council accredited language school, so we follow the best practice set out by the Council, which is reflected in our language lessons, both for general classes, IELTS and the Cambridge exam course. Private and Business English tuition are also available.

Students commented on the wonderful atmosphere of the school, which is seen as being very friendly and a ‘home from home’. The classes have a lovely vibe, with other classmates being easy to get on with and fun! The teaching staff are thoroughly enjoying what they do, they are well prepared, highly professional, energetic, friendly and enthusiastic!!

In terms of the class content the topics covered are varied, current and interesting, with more controversial subject areas, which stimulate conversation being included too, especially for those more advanced English level students.

The school offers a fun, vibrant social programme which includes quiz nights held at the local pub in Weybridge, film nights and regular student gatherings and events which bring the students together so they can practise their English and make new friends from many other countries. Many of whom go on to become long term friends. WISE students also commented that they love learning English with a British accent!

So come along and find out for yourself, contact us to day to book onto an English class,

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