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'Out of this World Space Camp Diary'

What happened on Day One

Day One was action packed with a look at the planets in our solar system, a creative Mnemonic (devised totally by the children) to remember the order of the planets and then a model using painted rocks on a 'Space' backdrop to recreate our very own Solar System. That was all before lunch! After lunch we took a closer look at some 'Space' facts with the help of the Storybots which we then formed questions on for our very own 'Out of this World' board game. Did you know that the sun is 28 billion degrees? And 1 million earths could fit inside the Sun? The rest of the afternoon was spent making 'top trumps' style cards for each planet, including what their 'ability' is Eg. Neptune is an Ice Giant. Mercury can handle extreme temperatures. etc... A fantastically busy and creative day. Lots of learning and lots of fun too!

What happened on Day Two

The focus on Day Two was Space Travel! What was the Space Race? Who won? Have animals been to Space? How do you make a sandwich in space without things floating away? We learnt all this and much more today. The day began with a reading comprehension about Neil Armstrong, then a short video clip followed by a quiz showing how astronauts make good use of Velcro to stop things floating away in Space! Then we designed and built our very own model rocket, complete with a toilet, bunk beds, control panel and viewing window. We read some non-fiction books about Space and calculated how long it would take us to travel to Mars in a rocket and what we would need to take for the journey! We rounded off the day with one more activity - we made our own 'anti-gravity galaxy' in a plastic bottle! We packed a lot in and our space cadet learners were amazing!

What happened on Day Three

“Is there life out there in space?” Today we let our imaginations run wild using that story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ as a theme for the day! We read the book together, placed the story in the correct order, invented our own alien, made rocket lolly snacks and designed a comic strip depicting ‘what would happen if an alien landed in my garden?’

We rounded off the week with making a flying saucer, a space quiz and an acrostic poem. Mission accomplished! The space cadet learners were ‘extraordinary’ and certificates were handed out!

Well done everyone! We hope to see you again!

Chloe Lewis and the Team

Comments from one of the mums : My children were very excited all days with Chloe. They loved this camp and we are looking forward to meeting you at another camp.

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