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Day 1 - Our Milky Way: Today we looked at all the planets in our Solar System. We made a Mnemonic to remember them: My Volcano Eats Monster Juicy Steaks Under Nando's! (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). We labelled a diagram with them on, painted some 'galaxy' rocks to show how they orbit the sun. We found out that the sun is a STAR, not a planet - made of Helium and Hydrogen & a whopping great 100 million earths would fit inside the sun! We enjoyed a story about Ian making a jet-pack for his dog, Wilbur and it going horribly wrong! We also had time for a laugh with some space jokes: How do you organise a party in Space? You Plan-it!

Day 2 - Lovely Luminaries: Today we learnt all about the sun, moon and stars. Did you know if we were to get in a car and drive to the sun it would take us 176 years to get there! Our joke of the day was 'Why could the astronaut not stay on the moon? Because there was no space!' Hahahaha! We made models of the sun, earth and moon - showing how they orbit and learning how long each orbit takes. We played some Space themed games in the park after our picnic lunch and we rounded off the day with a story : "Magic Moon Machine" and completed an activity drawing what we would pack in our suitcase if we went to the moon. All the children were 'over the moon' with how the day went!

Day 3 - Rocket Science: Today we learnt some amazing facts about rockets - the word rocket comes from the italian word 'rochetta'. Also a rocket can reach speeds of up to 15,000 miles per hour in just 8 minutes! We completed a comprehension all about Neil Armstrong and the Space Race between the USA and Russia. After all that super writing we worked up an appetite so enjoyed creating a rocket fruit kebab snack! We then built some rocket prototypes using cardboard, paper and glue. After our picnic in the park we put our rockets to the test to see how far we could blast them off! Back at Wise we conducted a live science experiment and launched Rodney rocket using vinegar and baking powder to create Carbon Dioxide. It was awesome! We rounded off the day with a story 'How to catch a star' and some jokes and space songs. Well Done Rocket Scientists!

Day 4 - Be an Astronaut for the Day: Do you know how to make a sandwich in Space? That was one of the things we learnt in our 'Living in Space' reading and writing task. Tape and velcro are very useful in Space to stop things floating away. Also seat belts for when you sleep and even when you need to go to the toilet!!! Hehehe! We built some awesome rockets using recycled materials, we conducted some experiments using our hands to 'feel' unknown objects and we did a collaborative write about a sparkly Astronaut who visited Planet Blah! We even got to try on an amazing NASA Space suit and helmet! It was a blast!

Day 5 - Alien Adventures: Today we learnt about homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently (Example "I SEE the SEA" said the alien as he landed on earth) We also found out that acronyms are letters which stand for words Eg UFO - Unidentified Flying Object! We made flying saucers and conducted a scientific experiment with oil, water and glitter to create an anti-gravity bottle. We all laughed at our story about aliens loving underpants! Hahaha! We rounded off the day with some story bots and a game of alien guess who!


All the Space cadets were awarded a 'fit to fly' certificate - certainly astronauts and rocket scientists in the making! Watch this 'space'!

Thank you from all of us at WISE for superb participation! We loved meeting you all.

Teacher: Chloe Lewis

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