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We started our worldwide adventure by looking at the globe and we saw that the world is made up of oceans, seas and land. We learnt that the UK is a union of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. We looked in our suitcase to see if we could work out what countries we were visiting. We found pasta, a pizza cutter, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a boot! We flew to Italy to find out what language they speak, what they eat and what the weather is like in Italy. We then enjoyed kneading the dough to make pizza to take home for tea. Our clues in the suitcase for the next flight included garlic, a beret and a photo of the Eiffel Tower. We talked about how tall it is and what makes it so strong. We then created our own Eiffel Towers with spaghetti and marshmallows and lego! At the end of the day, we listened to Quentin Blake’s story ‘Angelo’ who travels around Italy performing marvellous balancing tricks.


We flew to Egypt to find the pyramids which are home to the Pharaoh’s treasure, guarded by the sphynx. We noticed that on the walls was strange writing called ‘hieroglyphics’. We worked out the symbols for our names and some numbers and practised writing in hieroglyphics. We then made a square based pyramid, making sure the base had equal length sides. After walking like an Egyptian! we travelled to Africa to look at some animals which live on the plains in the story Handa’s Hen, then painted an African sunset and placed Elmer the Elephant, which we had coloured, on our African landscape.


We started the day by completing some World puzzles showing the different continents and landmarks and afterwards we did a matching game, naming the continents and the oceans. Out of the suitcase came a sunhat, rice and chopsticks…and an image of the Great Wall of China.. Yes, we were off to China! We learnt how long and how old the Wall is and we did a rural landscape in oil crayons and we made the Great Wall of China out of brown paper and marked it with bricks, including a lookout tower. Later we found a boomerang in the suitcase and off to Australia we flew to look at Aboriginal art. We created our own turtle images using our fingers and ends of paintbrushes, to make dots which is how the Aborigines painted. Our turtles were based on the Australian Story Tidilak. At the end of the day we played some board games to answer some fun questions about the countries we have visited so far! Our explorers are getting very good at understanding the world and where places are!


In the suitcase today was a warm pom-pom hat and some furry mittens, and an image of a polar bear. Off to the Arctic we travelled to see the polar bear’s habitat. First, we read a story called ‘Ice Bear’ and learnt how the Ice Bear moves through the frozen Arctic and lives in its den with her cubs. We worked through a worksheet to learn that polar bears are carnivores, they have black tongues and black skin and that their fur is transparent, and other little facts. Some new, big words! We then created our own furry polar bears and Arctic scenes with lots of sparkly and cold materials and made mountains out of egg boxes. We talked about how we can recycle things in a creative way. Finally we looked at our passports and filled in some of the information, so we can pass through customs to RIO tomorrow!


We looked at some ‘giant’ facts and images from this past week on the carpet and had to fill in some gaps about some of the landmarks we have seen so far. We looked at our giant map that we had painted to find all the countries we have visited. We then looked at some number bonds to 10 using images of famous landmarks. In the suitcase we found some bright flower garlands and a maraca! We are going to RIO! We did a worksheet about some Rio facts then watched a short clip about a young boy going to Brazil for the first time and to the Carnival. We made colourful headdresses with flowers and feathers and sparkly bits to wear for the Salsa dance. We had our faces painted then learnt a salsa dance, dressed up in colourful scarves and our headdresses. After playing Salsa musical statues, Pictionary and blindfold game where we had to guess who said a word or phrase, we listened to a story which was about whatever we look like and whatever language we speak, we accept people for who they are.


We gave out a WISE ‘Around the World’ Certificate to our amazing explorers and a little Kinder Surprise too! The children were an absolute pleasure to have at the Camp and they were full of fun and had inquisitive minds.

We hope to see you again soon!

Teacher: Amanda Thorogood

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