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Day 1 was off to a flying start with our Safari Theme! We looked at the Big 5 and compared carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We put various animals into venn diagrams to compare them. We also looked at some features of mammals. Our story of the day was about Gerald the Giraffe - we used it to talk about plot, settings and characters, as well as what the 'moral' of the story was - that we all have different things we are good at - we just have to discover what that 'thing' is! We made fruity animal snacks creations as well as a menagerie of animals using toilet roll tubes! We also measured out a 5.5m tall adult giraffe to see if it would fit inside WISE School - he would fill all three floors height wise - but wouldn't be able to fit in through the door!

Day 2 was a Farmyard Theme with a focus on understanding where our food comes from. We watched a short clip explaining how different food comes from either plants or animals. Then we had to colour code food on a worksheet to show we know which ones come from which. We drew some farmyard animals in the garden during break time with our chalks. The garden looks very colourful now! After break we played a ‘food source’ game. Each team had to collect cards which identified where their food came from - the first player to cover their plate with the correct 'source' cards was the winner Eg, if you have bread on your plate, then you need to collect the wheat card or yogurt, you collect the cow card etc. The children really enjoyed this. After lunch we had our story, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ In the story, the prize cow was stolen, so we made 'Wanted' posters to catch the crooks! We rounded off the day with some games: Charades and Duck, Duck Goose! All good fun. It was pretty tiring in the heat but the children were brilliant and they are bonding as a group, which is great.

Day 3 was a fantastic 'Sea-fari' Adventure. We began the day with some underwater colouring and counting. Then in circle time we learnt 10 ocean facts - the names of the oceans, some mountain ranges in the ocean and how much of our planet is covered with ocean. We created a crabby croissant snack! Then we listened to an underwater sea song and had to put the creatures in the order we heard them in the song - great listening skills. We tested our memories with a matching pairs sea animal game too! After our picnic lunch the story of the day was 'The Rainbow Fish' - we learnt that sharing is a big step to making friends. We made our own sparkly rainbow fishes and rounded off the day with a trip to the park with Gerald (our giraffe) to measure out a blue whale - he would be 5 times longer than an adult giraffe! Amazing! That's about 20 children long!

Day 4 was all about our Puurrrr-fect Pets! Only one of our happy campers is a pet owner but we all agreed we love animals and would like a pet! The day started off with a close up look at Vets and what they do - new words such as 'fur' 'fleas' 'scrubs' and 'check-up' were all learnt and put into a group comprehension. We played Animal Guess Who in two teams, made tasty dog, cat and rabbit iced biscuits for snack, then watched a short video story about a cheeky dog called Jessie who sneaks to the playground at night, even though the sign says 'No Dogs Allowed'! We had to put the story in the correct order of events and write some of the vocabulary from the story. At lunchtime we shared animal jokes and played 'Animal: Who am I?' - each taking in turns to choose an animal and the others having to ask questions and guess. The afternoon consisted of a focus on rhyming with the help of 'Oi Dog'. Did you know that 'cheetahs' rhymes with 'fajitas'! The highlight of the day was the surprise visit from our furry bunny neighbours - it was a surprise for the children and they loved meeting them, stroking them and asking lots of questions!

On Day 5 we time travelled backwards 66 million years to walk with some Ancient Animals! We named 10 different dinosaurs and practised matching the name to the right picture. Then we learnt some new vocabulary: fossil, excavate, paleontologist, meteor. We compared the different sized dinosaurs using measuring tape and a helpful diagram we found in a book brought in by one of the children. We had an arty party in the garden, painting dino-models and creating dino shapes with playdough. Then it was time for a picnic in the park, with a few dino-themed games.


We rounded off the week with some circle time back in the classroom discussing what our favourite parts of the week have been. The resounding comment was 'All of it!'. Every child received their ‘Animal Kingdom’ certificate.

Thank you from all of us at WISE for superb participation! We loved meeting you all.

Teacher: Chloe Lewis

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