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Harry Potter Super fan!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Phylicia, 25 years old, French and a huge fan of HARRY POTTER.

In fact, I’ve grown up with Harry Potter, and this is one of my favourite stories of J.K.Rowlings: she is a really good author. To write the books, she needed a lot of imagination, and it’s definitely one of the best, along with Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’, but that’s another story!

I try to go to to every place the film has taken place in. You didn’t know that Surbiton Station was used in the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, did you? No, you didn’t! A few months ago, neither did I! At the beginning , I was really surprised, but now when I travel through Surbiton Station to go to London, I always play the scene between Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter in my head.

I’ve also visited the Harry Potter studio in the north of London : it was and still is, one of the best days of my life. I know it’s a cliché, but all through my childhood and teenage years, it was a dream for a long time to see Hogwarts, the costumes, and all the stuff that is used in the films!

About myself in this world: I’m Slytherin House…not because I love black magic, but just because I have more in common with this house than any other one. My favourite characters are Fred and George Weasley, from Griffindor House. They are so funny and optimistic. I love Severus Snape too. If you are also a fan of Harry Potter, it would be great to meet you and why not plan something to do together (and to speak about a lot of other things too obviously!)



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