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About WISE

Established in 2013, WISE began as a school for English as a Foreign language. Most of its students are Au Pairs from the local and surrounding area. WISE also welcomes many adults from different backgrounds and cultures.  ​ In recent years, WISE developed its Tutoring Division establishing excellent links with schools and parents.

In 2015, WISE moved to its current premises in Baker Street, Weybridge.   

WISE provides a supportive, caring and fun environment for its students. Many students who attend the English language classes have said that WISE is like a family!

WISE is a member of Weybridge Town Business Group and attends Elmbridge Borough Council Business networking events, as well as being actively involved in numerous charity events.

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What does
WISE offer?


  • English as a foreign language – classes and private tuition for all levels including exam preparation

  • Business English – tailored lessons to meet specific objectives. Long and short term assignments.

  • Upskilling – projects working with organisations to deliver bespoke classes for workforces.


  • Tutoring in all key subjects – Maths, English, Science, Foreign Languages and other subjects on request.

  • Foreign Language Tutoring for Adults:  Italian, Spanish, German and French private lessons

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Learn the WISE way

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  • Classes or private one-to-one lessons

  • Learn to improve your English Language Skills

  • Speak more clearly and using a wider range of vocabulary and phrases

  • Boost your confidence to speak in English

  • Targeted help with your grammar to help correct your mistakes

  • Raise your English level and progress in your job

  • Prepare for an English exam

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 NEW from September: 

 Blended Learning Course

What is blended learning?

Blended Learning is a combination of online classes and face-to-face learning. 

Why Blended learning?

In this current climate of Covid 19 and uncertainty, this is the best and safest method for delivering classes.

What are the benefits?

Blended Learning offers all the benefits of learning online in a safe and convenient way along with the opportunity to meet other students and practise your English skills face-to-face too. 

How often is the face-to-face learning?

One in four classes will be face-to-face (once every 2 weeks). Each class will have a timetable.

Will students have to wear face coverings?

This will be optional but not necessary. WISE will have strict procedures in place to make it a safe learning environment.

Is blended learning just for one level of English?

No, there are classes for all levels.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students?

Minimum: 4 students. Maximum 10 students

WISE Blended Learning -  A perfect combination

​WISE Blended Learning is for students who live within travelling distance of Weybridge including Walton, Esher, Hersham, Claygate, Cobham, Oxshott, Chertsey, Addlestone, Virginia Water, Byfleet

​WISE Blended Learning programme starts 14 September so please register your interest now. Please click on the Contact button

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The right tutor can help with your child’s education by:

  • improving their motivation to study the key subjects

  • boosting their confidence to make sure they are on track

  • working with the child and the school to fill in any gaps

WISE Tutoring offers:


  • Private one-to-one tutoring from KS1 to GCSE and A level, for all abilities, ages and subjects.


  •  Qualified, experienced and DBS checked tutors

  • Continuous contact with WISE

  • Communication with schools so that with the parent’s consent, the tutor can work as a team with teachers at the school in order to help your child.

  • Online tutoring but where the parent and tutor wishes, WISE can offer safe, face-to-face tutoring.


What They Say

My tutee was complimentary about our session and even asked if we could have tutoring over half term. Her mum was delighted as the tutee never normally asks for tutoring over the holidays. It made my day!   

 English Literature Tutor    

April 2020

Great school!!! All of them are so nice and careful. The lessons are very interesting and you learn alot. Now, in my case, I've got to do the lessons online, but it works great. The online lessons are perfectly prepared and we have a good time.

 Sonsoles Gomez Fernandez   April 2020

Very nice lovely place to study English. All the lessons and practice in class are so good and the teachers are very will learn and make a lot of friends from everywhere.

Anki Toot

December 2019

Super école !!! Les professeurs sont a l'écoutes et les cours sont géniaux ! il y a beaucoup de partage entre nous ! c'est comme faire partie d'une famille ! l'avantage c'est que nous sommes en petit comité et qu'il est plus facile d'apprendre ! Je recommande cette école les yeux fermés !!

Pauline Ebras   

November 2019

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