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"If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”.

One good reason for improving your English


WISE is accredited by British Council for the Teaching of English in the UK.

WISE works closely with local organisations to help employees where English is not their first language. We are seen by an International Organisation in Weybridge as their ‘Go To’ provider for English Tuition.


​Private Business English lessons are the perfect option if you want to improve your English in business situations and also to increase your confidence in English inside and outside the work environment.


Each course is tailored to your needs and requirements. Areas covered may include: English to be used in situations such as meetings, negotiations, written documents, discussions, presentations or for general conversation around the office or within a social environment. WISE also works with businesses to help employees prepare for Cambridge English and Business examinations.  

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What can you expect from your one-to-one Business English lessons with WISE?

  • Qualified teachers of English with experience in delivering Business English – all of our teachers are certified with experience of teaching and/or working in a Business environment.  We pair you up with a specialist tutor based on your personal objectives.  

  • Language placement test - this includes a grammar, speaking and writing element and is completed either before or during your first lesson and identifies your current level according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

  • Needs analysis – this will be completed to find out your specific Business needs and areas of strength and weakness.  With this information, the tutor will select appropriate material and create a personal study programme. 

  • Progress monitoring – this will take place on a regular basis in order to measure your achievement and highlight any areas that might need extra attention.  Your tutor will be able to give you a written report on your progress for your own use or to give to your line manager.   


Private lessons can take place Online, at the workplace or at WISE.


WISE can organise small group lessons and one-off intensive English courses. We also provide tuition in foreign languages for employees. Please ask us for more details.


Call 07737 046790 / 01932 849977

or email

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