One-to-one BUSINESS ENGLISH tuition


Cost:         From £45 per hour

Duration:  Minimum one hour

Time/day: To be decided by the student

Location:  At WISE or at the student’s

                   home/place of work 

Level:       Elementary to Advanced

Age:          18 years +

At WISE, our one-to-one Business English programme is the perfect option if you want to learn English you can use in the workplace and in business situations.  Our programme is ideal for graduates, business professionals, mature students and ambitious learners who prefer to learn English alone as it creates a more focused learning environment. 


Each course is tailored to your needs and requirements, meaning it is beneficial for those who want to quickly and effectively improve their Business English in a concentrated environment. Areas covered in class may include: improving your business and commercial skills in areas such as meetings, negotiations, discussions and presentations or preparing for the Cambridge Business examinations.  

What can you expect from your one-to-one Business English lessons with WISE?

  • Qualified teachers of English with experience in delivering Business English – all of our teachers are minimally TEFLI certified with experience of teaching and/or working in a Business environment.  We pair you up with a specialist tutor based on your personal objectives.  

  • Language placement test - this includes a grammar, speaking and writing element and is completed in your first lesson and identifies your current level according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

  • Needs analysis – on the first day, the teacher will complete a needs analysis to find out your specific Business needs and areas of strength and weakness.  With this information, the teacher will select appropriate material and create a personal study programme. 

  • Regular progress monitoring – this will take place every month in order to measure your achievement and highlight any areas that might need extra attention.             

WISE is a great school!!

There are very good teachers, they help me a lot when I didn't understand, even when I had a personal problems. They are always there.

It's a little school, but it's very friendly.

I made a lot of progress, and went up a level.I met lots of other au Pair in my class.

I keep good memories of this school.



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