About WISE​

Established in 2013,  WISE  is  run by Liz Denham along with a great team of ​teachers, tutors and staff. 


Based at 6 Baker Street in the heart of Weybridge, WISE comprises WISE School of English and WISE Tutoring.

WISE has worked hard to establish itself in the local area and it hopes to continue to provide an excellent service to its students and clients.

Always looking to improve, WISE welcomes feedback and comments so please feel free to get in touch.


Hi, my name is Julia. During my au-pair time I went to WISE for 5 months. Unlike the English lessons at my school in Germany, I really enjoyed going to WISE. Even though we laughed, talked and had a lot of fun during the lessons I still learned something new after every lesson. WISE is a great choice, if you are looking for a smaller school where you are not just one of many students. At WISE I felt more like I was in a ‘little school-family’, because everyone is treated individually. So I am very happy that I went to WISE and I can really recommend it to you!

Julia, Germany, August 2018

WISE has a range of English classes from beginner to proficiency level with the option of taking Cambridge Exams. The Conversation Classes aim to provide students with relevant, everyday English equipping students with phrases that people actually use!

Please note, minimum age for classes is 18.

WISE has a brilliant and popular social events programme enabling students from all over the world to get together in a friendly and fun way. Many wonderful friendships have been forged at WISE and it’s great that so many students stay in touch with each other. We believe in not only hard work at school but also we understand the value of creating a great social environment away from the classroom.

WISE has a superb Business English division working with local international organisations on short and long term assignments. Our goal is to ensure the client receives a tailored-made learning programme to improve their language skills and confidence at work and beyond.

Our Maths and English Tutoring aim to give children the best opportunity possible to achieve their potential. We work closely with parents to make sure we have the right tutor to support your child. WISE offers tutoring in all subjects.

What do we offer at WISE?

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 The WISE team are a dedicated group of teachers and tutors.. We are all passionate about helping people to learn, whether it is adults learning English, school children learning GCSE and A level topics, children needing tutoring ina any key subject,  care homes staff  and business managers. Click here to find out more about our staff.

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