Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions:


  • When can I start my course?

At Wise, you can start at the beginning of any week throughout the academic year.  


  • Is there a placement test?

Before you start your classes at WISE, you will be asked to complete a placement test.  This will take approximately 45 minutes and includes a multiple choice grammar test, a written assignment and a spoken interview.  With this information, we can determine your current CEFR level.


  • What is the content of the lessons?

All of our English classes cover the four skills of: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We also focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  


  • What is the teaching methodology?

We favour a communicative approach to teaching English. The classes are less teacher-centred as we put more emphasis on the students learning through meaningful and interactive communicative tasks which they do in pairs or groups.  


  • What materials are used in the classroom?

Although each class has a course book, we like to supplement this with lots of authentic materials e.g. newspaper articles, YouTube clips, application forms, etc.  to enrich the content of the lessons. 


  • Do the students get a course book?

We ask our students to buy the student book which is used in their class.  The cost is approximately £33. 

  • How is progress monitored?

Progress is extremely important to us at WISE.  Before starting your classes, you are required to take a placement test which will indicate your current CEFR level.  With this information we allocate you a class.  Each month, in class you will be given a progress test and once per term you will have a tutorial with your class teacher to discuss your progress and your current objectives.  When you come to the end of your time at WISE, you will complete an exit test and we will then be able to show you how much you have improved during your time with us.


  • How long does it take to improve?

This really depends on the student.  We will teach you new grammar and vocabulary in every lesson, but it is essential that you practise what we teach you in the real world.  Typically if you are able to do your homework assignments and make an effort with your English, then you can expect to go up one CEFR level in 3 months.

  • What should a student do if they think they are in the wrong level?

If you think you have been put into the wrong level, speak to your teacher immediately.  He/she will be able to advise you.  If your teacher is absent, please ask to speak to the Academic Manager.


  • Are all of the teachers qualified speakers?

All of our teachers are TEFLI teachers.  This means that they have a certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language.


  • How many students are in a class?

There are a maximum of 12 students per class.  


  • How many classes are there?

We typically run the following class levels: A2, B1, B2, C1 and exam preparation courses for:  Cambridge B2 First , Cambridge C1 Advanced and IELTS exam preparation. For an up to date timetable, please click here.


  • What nationality/age are your students?

Since opening our doors, we have welcomed over 51 different nationalities to WISE. Our classes currently have 18 different nationalities!

Students ages range from 18 to 50+. Most of the students are between 18 and 25, but  many people that need English for their job attend our classes too.

  • What if a student is sick and misses lessons?

It is important to let either your teacher or reception know.  You can do this by email or by calling WISE and leaving a message. If you want to find out what you have missed in the class and if there was any homework, then you can ask your class representative to Whatsapp you the information. 

  • Is there a social programme?

Yes, at WISE all students are welcome to join in all of our cultural events which typically run twice per half term.  


  • Can you help students to prepare for exams?

Yes, we prepare students for the Cambridge B2 First, C1 Advanced and IELTS exams.  We can assist students with other exams too and students can ask to speak with the Academic Manager or the Directors to find out more.


  • Do Students receive an information pack when they join?

 Yes, students receive a Student Handbook electronically and this will give students lots of useful information about the school and the local area.


  • What happens if the timetable does not suit the student’s schedule?

We try our best to ensure that every student is able to attend the right class and we have designed the timetable to fit around a ‘school day’, so that students can drop off and pick up children from school. However, if the timetable doesn’t work, we can offer the option of private lessons to suit a day and time for the student.

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