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“I attended the FCE class at WISE for seven months and I enjoyed every single lesson. My teacher Liz was able to explain everything really well. She is very patient with every student and at the end of each lesson I always felt like my English was a bit better than before. We worked a lot in groups as well. That was extremely helpful to improve speaking skills. Besides, I got to know many great people from all different kind of countries. Not only in class but also at social evenings. Those evenings are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to practise new skills.

All in all, I can say that my English improved a lot during the lessons and that I'm really happy about being a part of the big WISE family.”

Josefine Janssen, Germany


"I spent two months in WISE where I learnt, improved my English skills and met lovely people. In my view point it is not about the classes, the most important thing of WISE is the teachers work. It doesn´t finish after each class, they plan different meetings which let you meet different people, and practice as well as know different cultures which are important for you. They provide you with the best atmosphere to learn and help you with your English level and the people that should be with you. If you are gonna live in the Weybridge area, it is your academy."

Claudio Guillen, Italy


As for WISE there was amazing and friendly atmosphere. You all (teachers) supported us very much and I got a language confidence. Many exercises were very useful for me e.g. phrasal verbs, idioms and things like - what have you been up to, it´s up to you, to be after and also conversation and listening. All things which I can use in everyday life. And it was fine to do a grammar and try to use it in sentences.

As for teachers I was most satisfied with Liz. She is so personable and she has a great enthusiasm to work with people. Every day we made a lot of exercises, conversing about everything and she still encouraged us to do something. For me it was the best way how to learn english. And I have to add that she organised for all students a social event and at summer school she invited us for a dog walk. It was so nice from her. I was also very satisfied with you Amanda. You are such a kind and warm person. I really liked your games, your stories. You gave us quite a hard listening exercises and it was very good for me. And very useful was when we practised a buying a ticket at the station and when you brought things from your house and we had to name it. I enjoyed the summer school with you :) With you and Liz it was amazing, great, super,... To sum up I have to say, that it was such a great experience.

Kateřina Chalušová, Czech Republic


I just have good words for WISE. The classes are very dynamic; we did a lot of different activities depending on the topic. The most of them were in groups, which is so good because you can practise English all the time and meet new people. I knew some of my friends there, and some of them are from different countries so it’s perfect to talk in English or learn interesting things about other places.

The teachers are lovely. You can ask them whatever you want or need, because they will help you without any problem. My teacher in particular was Liz. She helped me a lot to prepare my FCE, and with her help I could pass it with a good mark. The good thing is that they are not teachers just during the classes, you can count on them whenever you need, which is very important when you arrive here without knowing anyone.

Another good aspect from WISE is that the teachers organise something called “social evenings”. These activities are perfect to know all the people who attend the classes at school. It’s the perfect place to make friends in a relaxed and nice atmosphere.

Regarding my time in England, I have enjoyed a lot here despite this country is completely different from Spain. Working as an Au pair I have seen how is the life of an English family, their habits, their likes and dislikes. First of all it was difficult for me to get used to their times and food, but now I don’t have any problem with them. This country is amazing, you see parks and forests everywhere and there is a long list of places and things that you can visit and do.

In conclusion, I am very happy to have had the opportunity of living this experience, because it has helped me to improve all the aspects of my life and I am sure that I will always remember all the adventures that I have lived here.

Alba López Sanchis, Spain


Hi everybody...I have just finished my experience as an au pair in Esher. I would like to recommend WISE (Weybridge International School of English)

I have been studying English in this academy for 3 months. I have learnt and improved my English and I have met other au pairs. The teacher is brilliant and incredible and the most important thing for me is that she cares for her pupils.....See you Soon.

Carlos Montes, Spain


“Amanda motivates and pushes me to speak English as much as I can. I'm really happy that I met such a conscientious and energetic teacher.”

Darai from Russia

“I only have good thoughts about working with Rowan. She is very patient and kind and not too pushy. She helps me when I get stuck.”

Katie Overd


“Liz is a brilliant teacher! I feel very lucky to have a teacher like her”

College student


“Amanda is an excellent teacher of the highest calibre and her lessons are always imaginative, interesting and thorough.”

East Finchley School of English, London


“I really enjoy working with Rowan. She makes the lessons fun and I like the way she gets me to learn the times tables”

Fabie Stannard


“Liz is one of the best teachers I have ever known”

College student

“I would like to thank you for your politeness, understanding and help with the preparations for FCE Exam”

College student


“Amanda has a very friendly, confident and sensitive manner with her students.”

Angloschool, London


“Rowan is always very enthusiastic and I like our chats. It’s somehow different with Rowan. She gets me thinking”

Elyse Lewis


"We shall miss your cheerful, kind and enthusiastic classes very much. I know everyone is fond of you and I am afraid other teachers have quite a hard act to follow! “

Liz’s volunteer assistants, Guildford